Connection Design
and PE/SE Stamping

Connection Solutions

From the simplest to the most complex connection configurations, our experienced team can interpret and achieve detailed drawings that are accurate and in compliance with the AISC Standards at all times. Our scope of services span across Welded, Bolted, Standard, and Non–Standard Shear Connections to Braces and Trusses and everything in between. Complexities motivate us and we take them head-on!

We’re also the “A” team when it comes to dealing with steel connections that require heavy customizations. Fabricators and Erectors have turned to us to help them navigate through the intricate connection design challenges across a range of industries and projects.

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PE/SE Stamping
Through a network of Professional Engineers we have the capability of providing full-spectrum PE/SE Stamping services to Fabricators and Erectors in the U.S & Canada.

Our partners are licensed to practice across all 50 states in the U.S and can certify your calculations with paramount accuracy. We undertake PE/SE reviews for all your project documentation and engineering documents.

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