Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

We specialize in miscellaneous steel detailing for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our portfolio spans across structural steel elements such as complex staircases, hand-railings and other intricate misc. steel construction items. We understand the detailing needs from a fabrication point of view and execute comprehensive drawings that are conformed to your unique requirements.

Using the latest 3D modeling tools and in compliance with the AISC code, we will make sure you present your bids on time and in entirety.

no job is too small for us and nothing is miscellaneous when you add an element of technical clarity to it.

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Miscellaneous Detailing team Capabilities
  • Egress Stairs (Switch back/Box stair/Scissor stairs) with Railing
  • Ship ladder
  • Industrial access stairs with railing
  • Safety gates
  • Platform guardrails
  • Bollards
  • Platform grating/ checkered plate
  • Dumpster gate
  • Ladder with / without gage
  • Embeds
Types of Railing patterns
  • Picket Type railing
  • Inline rail system
  • Mesh type
Types of stringer material
  • Channel
  • Plate
  • Built-up tube
  • Rolled tube
Types of
  • Concrete pan
  • Checkered plate
  • Tuff tread
  • Tuff coat
Types of
  • AISC
  • IBC
  • UBC
  • OSHA
  • BOCA, etc
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